Applying Essential oil to Acupuncture Points for Sleep:

Sometimes I like to apply peppermint essential oil or lavender essential oil to the bottom of the feet on K-1 acupuncture point.

(see last post on Acupuncture Points to Massage at Home for Sleep)


Using a cotton ball or a cotton swab can avoid getting the oil into your eyes later!

Trust me-this will not help you to sleep.

I can attest to this.


Massaging the essential oil into the soles of your feet at this point helps bring the “Qi” or energy down from the head

(over-thinking) and into the feet. This can help us to feel more grounded and relaxed and ready for sleep. 


Also, I believe the sheer ritual of rubbing oil into the feet can be soothing to the mind.

It is almost like the mind can relax in knowing we are taking care of the body and it is okay to stop thinking now.

This is why it is part of my bedtime routine.


Many of my patients ask which brand I use…I like to use Aura Cacia brand for essential oils since they are mostly organic and are a local MN company (support local). I also really like Posumon Chinese herbal peppermint oil and this is what I use in treatments and can order for purchase, if you would like.


Carrier Oils to use with essential oils:

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Sweet Almond oil
  • Castor oil (hexane-free)

I like to use castor oil for feet and hair and sometimes add a bit to my facial oil.

Just be sure to use unrefined and organic oils.

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