Acupuncture Helps You Get Out of Fight or Flight and back into Rest and Digest (where you belong most of the time).

As You already know, spending too much time in Fight or Flight mode is bad for your health. It has its place and serves you well in emergencies. 

However, perceived emergencies can drag on longer when life gets stressful. It can become harmful to your health once this becomes the norm and lasts for too long. Don’t stay in Fight or Flight too long!

Acupuncture actually helps You by helping balance your body. It does this by helping the Nervous System switch from the Sympathetic “Fight or Flight/ Stress” mode, back to the Parasympathetic “Rest and Digest” mode. 

This is why most people who get acupuncture report feeling a euphoric feeling after treatments. Some compare the feeling to having a glass of wine or being in a meditative state or just plain feeling more “relaxed” and at ease.

If you are feeling stress and Anxiety, give acupuncture a try! What have you got to lose but stress?


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Written by Aleesha D Ackerman, LAc


Aleesha Ackerman is a certified and state licensed acupuncturist with a Master’s degree in acupuncture. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from Hamline University. Aleesha owns and operates Aleesha D Acupuncture clinic for Pain and Women’s Health in Anoka, MN.

She became interested in acupuncture and holistic medicine when acupuncture cured her of debilitating migraine pain after an auto collision with a semi-truck. Aleesha specializes in treating acute and chronic pain and Women’s Health. Women come to her everyday with issues such as hot flashes, mood imbalance, low energy and for Cosmetic Acupuncture for wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines and improvement in overall skin tone . Read more about Aleesha and what she specializes in Here.

Patients at Aleesha D Acupuncture report feeling cared for, listened to and are happy to get the much-needed pain and stress relief from their treatments!

Why wait? Start Your Relief Today- contact Aleesha D Acupuncture in Anoka today to schedule your acupuncture appointment!

Aleesha D Acupuncture is located in historic downtown Anoka at 229 Jackson Street, just off Highway 169 with free parking.

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