10 More Things Acupuncture Helps… Quit Smoking Balancing Hormones Digestive Issues Almost All Types of Pain Inflammation Headaches Neuropathy Carpal Tunnel Back Pain Bell’s Palsy (1/2 facial paralysis)   Written by Aleesha Ackerman, LAc Aleesha Ackerman is a certified and state licensed acupuncturist with a Master’s degree in acupuncture. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from Hamline […]

We are in the Middle of a Pandemic.  So what can we do to possibly make our breathing air more Safe? Ways to Improve Air Quality Now…   Buy a humidifier* Buy a hepa filter air purification system (I use the IQ Air Atem Air Purifier in the Clinic and at Home) Wear a face […]

Quit Smoking with Acupuncture Now Why it is SO important to Quit Smoking NOW!… Because we find ourselves in the middle of a PANDEMIC Now.   Pandemics can be difficult times to break bad habits because, well we want to make ourselves feel better by Self-Soothing.   Yes, I agree. By the way, it is […]

Loving Kindness Meditation helps you feel better. You start out by showing love and kindness to yourself… Then to others whom you care about. From there you move to neutral others, like mail carriers or people you have seen in the community, though you do not really know them that well. Eventually you can even […]

TMJ Jaw Pain or Headache?  Here are 7 things to try… TMJ massage Mouth guard Body scan meditation Position of tongue  Acupuncture on TMJ trigger points Holding a pencil or finger in your mouth Get Hypnotized   TMJ massage can be done on the INSIDE  of the mouth. That is right! The inside of the […]