Four Ways Acupuncture Helps Hot flashes and Night Sweats Triggers more positive mood (by activating endorphin pathways)-May help you deal better with symptoms! Decreases secretion of calcitonin (neuropeptide that causes vasodilation) *vasodilation triggers warm body temperature Increases melatonin   Prompts Your Body to Return back to Homeostasis *Homeostasis= condition of optimal functioning for an organism […]

IVF Fertility Treatment and When to Start Acupuncture Start Acupuncture ASAP! Many are looking to improve their odds with IVF. If you are wondering when to start acupuncture to help improve your success rate, start as soon as possible.   How Many Sessions Before IVF? 1 Acupuncture/ week (3 months before IVF) 2 Acupunctures/week (2 […]

Why Your Anxiety Worsens in Spring… Liver Yang is Rising! According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory,  Your Qi (Energy) in the body (and other creatures & plants) is affected by Spring time. Spring time is the start of increased “Yang” Energy. Yang Energy (versus the opposite, Yin) brings upward, sometimes a quick, rushing movement. […]

Treat Face Wrinkles & Your Body (all at once)…   How:  Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture! Face & Body 2-for-1 Treatment Explained…   Mei Zen Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture uses many needles in the face to treat wrinkles. Needles are added to other parts of the body to treat the individual, beyond just the face! This is […]

Applying Essential oil to Acupuncture Points for Sleep: Sometimes I like to apply peppermint or lavender essential oil to the bottoms of the feet on K-1 acupuncture point. (see last post on Acupuncture Points to Massage at Home for Sleep)   Using a cotton ball or a cotton swab can avoid getting the oil into […]