Massage Coming Soon to Aleesha D Acupuncture in Anoka!… Yes, Massage is Coming to Aleesha D Acupuncture on Main Street in downtown Anoka, MN. Massage is great for relaxing the muscles and the mind.  Massage is a great adjunct therapy to add to acupuncture, too.   Massage can also help with: Headaches Digestion Stress Sleep […]

Acupuncture Helps You Get Out of Fight or Flight and back into Rest and Digest (where you belong most of the time). As You already know, spending too much time in Fight or Flight mode is bad for your health. It has its place and serves you well in emergencies.  However, perceived emergencies can drag […]

Heal Scars Faster with Acupuncture! Have a scar that is bothersome to you? Maybe your scar has grown in a bumpy, un-even pattern. Perhaps you have a lack of sensitivity in the scar tissue area or sensation of cold in the area. Scar Symptoms Acupuncture Treats: Numbness, itching, tingling or sensation of heat or cold […]

Low Thyroid? Hashimoto’s?…Not sure? … Did you know that 90% of the time Low Thyroid is Hashimoto’s? Did you know Hashimoto’s is considered an Auto-Immune Thyroid Disease? Before you give up on ever having enough energy again, losing weight, not feeling cold all the time, growing back your now thinning hair, or thinking you are […]

Fertility, IVF and When to Start Acupuncture IVF-When to Start Acupuncture: Start acupuncture as soon as possible before starting IVF, ideally 3 months (at least one month before) Acupuncture 1-3 months before IVF 2 months prior: 2 x/ week 3 months prior: 1x/ week   Frequency of Appointments After IVF Transfer: Within 24-hours of having […]