Tips for Better Mood & Energy in Perimenopause… Perimenopause is lasting a while for many women. …Sometimes Perimenopause lasts longer than 5 years.   Common Symptoms: Easily stressed Hot flashes Mood swings Weight gain Low Energy  Poor Sleep Mind fog   Stressed out more? Hot flashes can start happening during the daytime, night time or […]

Grief Relief

Relief from Grief… All of us deal with grief, eventually. Grief is a difficult journey. The only way through, is through. Here are a few healthy tools to help us deal with it…   One tool is Acupuncture treatment…   Acupuncture treatments can be tailored to help You handle Grief. Acupuncture can help lower the […]

Apply Heat or Ice to Pain?

Should You Apply Heat or Ice to an Injury?   I often get this question from patients. The answer is: It depends who you ask…   Acupuncturists will say to apply heat to the aching area; Chiropractors and PT’s will say to apply ice.   My answer is: It depends How Long after the Injury […]

What is YIN versus YANG? Yin and Yang are opposites. Opposites are part of nature; Positive vs Negative electrical charges. Male vs female. Acupuncture aims to keep Yin and Yang in balance within your body.   Treating Yin vs Yang  And-they are important to Acupuncture within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This Yin versus Yang is […]

This Acupuncture Point can be used as an AcuPressure Point at home to Relieve Stress… Yin Tang is the acupuncture point between the eyebrows. Yin Tang is great for relieving stress. Simply press lightly on this acupuncture point (or in your case, acupressure point). You may also lightly rub this area if you prefer to […]