TMJ Jaw Pain or Headache?  Here are 7 things to try… TMJ massage Mouth guard Body scan meditation Position of tongue  Acupuncture on TMJ trigger points Holding a pencil or finger in your mouth Get Hypnotized   TMJ massage can be done on the INSIDE  of the mouth. That is right! The inside of the […]

Is Acupuncture good for Ringing in the Ear (a.k.a., “Tinnitus”)? I get this question all the time. The short answer is, “Maybe.” Tinnitus is helped with acupuncture about 50% of the time.   Why Not Acupuncture for Tinnitus? This is because the cause for tinnitus can be from many things.  Often nerve damage has taken […]

How Does Acupuncture Work? What is the Science that Explains Acupuncture?… Well, As far as Pain and Depressive Disorders go, Here is What We Know… Acupuncture decreases pain by inciting the body to release specific endorphins which relieve pain, acupuncture increases Qi and blood (circulation) to the affected area and decreases inflammation in the body (inflammation […]

Is Your Depression Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?   Acupuncture is helpful to those with CFS. Chronic Fatigue includes long-term extreme tiredness which does not respond appropriately to rest. Does the following sound like you? …   Lower Immunity (prone to infection and illness) Easily stressed (adrenal issues) Nutritional deficiencies Multiple body systems affected   Acupuncture Helps […]

What is Qi Gong? Qi Gong is an energy practice. It is very old. It is useful to relax the body and mind. Qi gong uses breathing and movement. We were required to take Qi Gong classes in grad school as soon-to-be licensed acupuncturists. It is used by many in Asia to promote longevity, and […]