Low Thyroid? Hashimoto’s?…Not sure? … Did you know that 90% of the time Low Thyroid is Hashimoto’s? Did you know Hashimoto’s is considered an Auto-Immune Thyroid Disease? Before you give up on ever having enough energy again, losing weight, not feeling cold all the time, growing back your now thinning hair, or thinking you are […]

Fertility, IVF and When to Start Acupuncture IVF-When to Start Acupuncture: Start acupuncture as soon as possible before starting IVF, ideally 3 months (at least one month before) Acupuncture 1-3 months before IVF 2 months prior: 2 x/ week 3 months prior: 1x/ week   Frequency of Appointments After IVF Transfer: Within 24-hours of having […]

Cacao Coconut Snowballs Healthy Snack Recipe (Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Paleo, No refined sugar) Sweetened with dates for crash-free energy you can take on your hike or bike ride! Did You Know? Dates are great for weening yourself off of refined sugars as they are natural and satisfy the sweet tooth!… Too much sugar breaks down collagen […]

Is Cosmetic Acupuncture For You? Are You Looking for an All-Natural Treatment to Look & Feel Younger? Are You Looking for a Natural Alternative to Injections like Botox? *To be real clear, Cosmetic Acupuncture will have more subtle results than Surgery, Facelift, Botox, and other Chemical Fillers.  Want Something to Treat Your Face without the […]

My Eyes! My Eyes Someone HELP ME! “My Mother’s Eyes” …This was my mom’s dream (or Vision) the night before and this was her screaming. My mom doesn’t like to call it premonition.  Fast forward to the next day…my mom was seeing a dark “thumb print” over her vision. Naturally, we got in to see […]