Do you ever wonder when you should be worried about your headache pain? Headaches are a common main complaint for patients and acupuncture is an effective treatment for headaches and migraines in Anoka. However, some headaches should never be ignored…When should you seek medical attention for a headache or migraine?

  1. Severe or Sudden Headache!
  • Headaches with severe pain
  • and sudden onset
  • with other Neurological signs

Any headache which starts suddenly with severe pain intensity or with other neurological signs, such as dizziness, vomiting, or unconsciousness can be a sign of bleeding of the brain or another medical emergency and should be taken serious. Often times people will describe this type of headache as a “thunderclap” headache due to the quick, intense pain or as “the worst pain I have ever felt.” Complete medical work-up may be necessary. Aleesha D Acupuncture in Anoka successfully treats headaches and migraines.

Any headache with severe, sudden onset warrants immediate medical care.

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2. Severe Headache with Stiff Neck!

  • Headaches with severe pain
  • and Stiff Neck
  • and flu-like signs/symptoms

A headache with sudden, severe pain, stiff neck and flu-like symptoms such as fever could be a serious infection called Meningitis and warrants immediate medical attention to avoid permanent brain damage or even death. Headache due to Meningitis may include the following signs or symptoms; confusion, double vision, fever, light sensitivity, nausea and or vomit.

It is critical to seek immediate medical care with Meningitis-like headache in order to avoid permanent brain damage, blindness, deafness, and even death.

3. Sudden, Severe Headache with Dizziness!

  • Headaches with sudden, severe pain
  • and Dizziness
  • possible nausea/ vomiting
  • possible one-sided body impairment
  • Difficulty walking and/or talking

Sudden, severe headache with dizziness and nausea/ vomiting could be due to Meniere’s Disease.  Severe headache may be due to Stroke, especially with confusion, impaired speech or movement (especially one side of the body) or one side of the face appears to be drooping.

It is critical to seek immediate medical care with Stroke-like headache to avoid permanent speech impairment, permanent motor (movement) and/or sensory (feeling) impairment and possible death.

4. Sudden Headache following Head Trauma!

  • Headaches following trauma
  • which worsen
  • with confusion
  • with drowsiness
  • with cognitive impairment
  • with changes in eye(s) or vision
  • with unconsciousness

Headache after head trauma, especially worsening headache could be due to concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury (T.B.I.).

It is critical to seek medical attention which may include brain imaging for worsening headache after any head trauma to rule out concussion, TBI or determine which degree of TBI; it is possible some degree of long-term damage may be avoided with proper medical care.

5. Headache following Two Consecutive (Immediate) Head Traumas!

Consecutive head traumas occurring back-to-back, one following the other is common in contact sports such as hockey, football and boxing and it is critical to seek immediate medical attention to hopefully avoid long-term damage from a double concussion.

It is critical to seek immediate medical attention for Headache after two consecutive blows to the head as a double concussion can occur (even with minor concussion) called Second Impact Syndrome (SIS) whereby the brain swells without time for inflammation to go down in between concussions–This can result in a catastrophic outcome!

Look for a licensed acupuncturist in your area to see if acupuncture can help with your headaches or migraines.

Aleesha D Acupuncture treats headaches and migraines due to many different causes, including Migraine headaches, Cluster headaches, Trigeminal Neuralgia headaches, Hormonal headaches, Headaches due to injury, Stress-induced headaches, Muscle tension headaches, etc. Aleesha has treated patients with long-term issues after multiple concussions and those dealing with the effects of T.B.I.

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Why Do Concussion/ TBI Patients Seek Acupuncture?

Acupuncture cannot undue the long-term brain damage with T.B.I., whether auto accident or sports injury was involved in the head injury. However…

Acupuncture can help manage some of the symptoms which lowers the quality of life (Q.O.L.) in many patients with lingering issues from concussion or TBI.


Acupuncture often helps patients who have had concussion(s) or minor degree of TBI with symptoms such as:

  • Mood

  • Energy

  • Appetite

  • “Brain fog”

  • Low libido

  • Sleep issues

Written by Aleesha D Ackerman, LAc.

Aleesha is licensed to do acupuncture in Minnesota and owns and operates Aleesha D Acupuncture. She has her Graduate degree in Acupuncture. Aleesha was first turned on to acupuncture due to her chronic, debilitating migraine headaches.

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This article is not intended to replace any health care. No information on this site should be relied on to determine medical diagnosis or treatment for a medical condition. As with any health concerns, always be sure to consult your health care provider with any health concerns.

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