What is YIN versus YANG?


Yin and Yang are opposites.

Opposites are part of nature.

They are important to electricity; positive vs negative electrical charges.

They are important to creating life; male vs female.


And-they are important to Acupuncture within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

This Yin versus Yang is used within disease patterns to determine the treatment protocol.

They are important to Acupuncture; TCM Disease Pattern of Excess vs Deficient.




Female Male
Deficient Excess
Cold Hot
Inner Outer
Quiet Loud
Dark Light 
Water Fire
Winter Summer
Asleep Awake

There are also Yin within Yang


Yang within Yin…



Late/ Early Yin or Yang part of Seasons within a Yin/Yang Season;

Early Winter, Late Winter, Early Summer, Late Summer

Winter is Yin; Summer is Yang 


Yin turning to Yang; Sunrise-Light coming up out of Darkness,

Yang turning to Yin; Dusk-Dark settling in from after a Sunset

Keeping Yin and Yang in balance happens when we are in balance.


When we become imbalanced, Excess (Yang) and Deficient (Yin) imbalances happen within the body and organ systems.

Once the imbalance becomes too great, the Yin and Yang separate.

Death happens when the Yin and Yang completely separate.


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